Sunday, March 6, 2016

Gage Easton is Almost ONE!!!

So I have a lot of catching up to do with our sweet baby boy Gage :) He is now 11 months but I will take you through the past couple months since my last post. I really wanted to get 6 month pictures of Gage and I wanted to try to do them on my own so I used my bed and put up a white sheet and took some of them outside and used my phone but tried to just keep it simple and I love how they turned out! I was so pleased with how they turned out I am planning his 1 year photos. Here are some of my favorites! He is just so squishy and cute, I just love him! 

I had the window open in the bedroom to let in natural light and he kept crawling over to it, and then I captured this picture and fell in love with how it turned out! 
Every month on the 7th we take a "month" picture with one of his baby blankets and his elephant Humphrey. This is his 6 month one. 
Outside on the grass-
I had these decorative lanterns from my baby shower that we had just hung in his room. He loved them- and tried to eat them.

This is Izzy. Izzy and Gage are best buds. Every time Izzy see's Gage she immediately goes over and gives him kisses and sits and lays in his lap- He thinks it is the greatest thing. They also like to inspect mesquite beans like they are doing in this picture. 
We had the amazing opportunity to go to a U of A game (a guy in our ward that Bridger had done some work for couldn't use some tickets he had so he gave them to us). We were kind of worried because the tickets that they had given us were directly in the sun and it was a HOT day. We tried to find a sitter for Gage but we couldn't find any one that was available and it was going to be too long of a time to be away from him anyways ;) so we took him along. The great thing was that with the tickets we also got a wristband that allowed us to go into the VIP lounge that had food, unlimited popcorn and beverages and best of all AC. So we hung out in their the entire game. It was so much fun!! What a great family date :)
This was a Sunday that we all kind of matched so we took some pictures and just look at Gage's smile! He is by far the cutest child 
So Gage always smiles at the camera when he sees it flash, he like poses and smiles. So this picture we were our bedroom and we hadn't turned on the lights yet and so I think the flash was a little too bright and he made this face. Haha 
Halloween we dressed up as the Wizard of OZ! Gage was the cowardly Lion, I was Dorothy and Bridger was the Scarecrow. We even put face clay on Bridger so that he looked like the original Scarecrow from the movie and he looked LEGIT! The school we live next to always has a Halloween Carnival, so we went and had a blast. 
Gage really wasn't a super fan of his costume and he hated the hood but he makes an ADORABLE lion I would say.
7 Month Picture
In November we took family pictures. Bridger's sister was kind enough to take them for us and they turned out awesome! We took them around the dairy that is right down the street from us where Bridger's family lives. I love all the backdrops that are around the area. 
Bridger will always be my country boy! 
I love me some Bridger and Arizona sunsets

Another morning funny picture :)
8 Month Picture, he's turning from a baby into a little boy! 
So I used to work at the Elementary school across the street but then quit when I had Gage so I could stay home with him. Bridger then got a job doing maintenance over there and so we were invited to the Staff Ugly Sweater Party. Sooo we went thrift shopping and found some amazingly ugly sweaters! We bought 4 just so we could have some options and because they were only $1 each- you can't go wrong. Bridger is wearing a ladies one with shoulder pads-- HOT! And I just got to wear a hideous golf one. Everyone who was at the party got to vote on the ugliest sweaters and..... WE WON!!! Yeah :) our sweaters were perfectly ugly. This is us holding our prize- YUM!
Santa showed up at our Ward Christmas party and Gage hated it as you can tell. The worst part was that I had set my phone to a timer the day before when I was taking a picture of something and so when we first gave Gage to Santa he was freaked out but not balling. I hit "take a picture" and the phone started to count down from 10! Needless to say, by the time the phone counted down to 0 to take the picture Gage was hysterical in Santa's arms! Oops I'll take the blame for that one.  
Christmas we spent at Bridger's families house. As you can see in the picture Gage was feeling crummy. This picture was taken on Christmas Eve. He started to feel sick the day before this. He had a fever and didn't want to do anything for like 3 days- poor baby. He hardly ate anything and he wasn't sleeping good at night but was taking naps all day long. It was miserable. (at first we thought that he might be getting teeth, but no. He actually just got his first tooth today-March 6!) Anyways so we took him into the doctor and found out that he had two ear infections. So we started him on antibiotics and then two days later he got the stomach flu and threw up for 3 days. It was a rough nearly 2 weeks! I hate when babies are sick- it is so sad to see their tiny bodies so miserable and not be able to know what hurts or what they want. But he made it through like a champ. But he wasn't excited at all at Christmas, he just hung out on Bridger's lap all day. 
My parents drove in the weekend after Christmas and brought in the New Year with us, full of Donuts, snacks, puzzles and fun! 
January 6- Happy Birthday Bridger!!!
Isn't it awesome the things that babies think are just great? Like it could be the simplest thing to us, but to them it is hilarious! I love watching Gage grow and learn/discover new things. He is so curious and I love it!
It SNOWED!!!!! Oh I was so excited I could barely contain myself. This happens about once a year, but it usually happens at night and so we don't get to enjoy it and just watch the snow fall. So of course we had to go outside and enjoy it! I just kept telling Gage, "it's snowing! it's snowing!" I'm sure by the 30th time he was not as thrilled as I was. But it was fun! 

9 Month Picture
Gage LOVES water. He loves sitting in the shower and just letting the water fall on him. He loves to crawl through the water when it is falling. He loves playing with water in the pots outside. He is now starting to sit underneath the faucet when I stick him in the tub. In conclusion, this kid LOVES water. 
We of course had to cheer for the Broncos in the SuperBowl. Which the won and it was AWESOME!!! 
10 Month Picture
Bridger's sister had her sweet baby girt in December and we went to visit them in Phoenix for a weekend and all Gage wanted to do was maul the baby. He also had a blast climbing in her bouncer. So one of the times he climbed in we set Alaina on him and he didn't know what to do with himself. He just kept smiling and laughing but didn't grab her or anything. He's going to be a good big brother someday :) 
I love my boys! 
Loving Ice Cream with daddy! 
We recently got some ducks and baby chicks. Gage thinks they are pretty cool- which they are! 
Gage turns one in a month from tomorrow! I can't believe that he is already almost one. I love being able to stay home and enjoy watching him grow each day. he is so fun and we laugh all day long. I love seeing the joy that he has for the simplest things. He is such a blessing in our lives. Being a parent is one of  the most rewarding things in life. Bridger has started to work real estate which is so awesome because he has found that he has more free time that he can spend with us which is so awesome and another blessing on our list! Gage loves his daddy and crawls around calling for "dada" and I love it. Our lives are so full of blessings and I am so grateful! Lots of love coming from the Blaschke family! 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Visit to Colorado Sept 2015

About a month and a half ago my mom had a great plan. Every year the all my sisters, sister in laws and my mom try to get together to go to Time Out For Women. We have been many different places, Oregon, Colorado, South Carolina and Idaho. This year my mom wanted us all to come to Colorado again. So on the morning of one day she texted me and said she was looking at flights for me and that she wanted to make this special weekend possible. I told Bridger and he amazingly suggested we drove out for a longer time since he has some flexibility at the job he has now. I was ECSTATIC! I relayed the information to my mom which made her ecstatic as well and she continued her planning of the weekend. By the end of the day she had all the flights planned and had talked to my brothers, who also live in Colorado, who agreed to come up for the weekend as well :) she is an amazing women! So I got to see all my siblings this past weekend and it was a blast! We weren't supposed to leave until Wednesday of last week but decided to drive all night on Monday (so mister gage would sleep) and arrive in the morning. We didn't tell my parents because who doesn't love a surprise? So we left at 7,drove all night long, stopped at my brothers for breakfast who is about 2 hours away from my parents and continued on and arrived at my mom's work at about 10:30. We stuck Gage up by her desk and hid and SURPRISE! she was so thrilled. Then we went home and surprised my dad, who was home for the day. That day we tried napping when we could and honestly it was kind of a blur but driving all night so Gage was sleeping was totally worth it. When my parents were at work the next day I went through the closets and tried on homecoming and prom dresses from not only my high school days but also my sisters and my mom. So fun! Bridger got an awesome fashion show that was not only our decade but past decades as well, as you can see in the pictures :) On Thursday we also went mini golfing at a place I've gone to since I was little and no matter what anyone thinks it is the BEST mini golf place ever. Bridger will agree. All my sisters arrived on Friday and the fun family weekend began.  The weekend was a blast! TOFW is Friday night and Saturday. Bridger offered to watch gage Friday night which was great because on Saturday I had to sit in the back away from my group because our seats were in front of the camera and they don't like babies in front of the camera. Which I totally understand, and I was up with gage often so we just hung out in the back, (and possibly took some selfies to send daddy) where tons of women with babies were so it all worked out. This was the first time any of my siblings were able to meet gage so that was special. TOFW was awesome as always. We had a family barbecue on Saturday night and played games and spent some great time just hanging out and laughing together. Often I really wish I lived closer to my siblings and my parents. I guess it makes the times when we do all get together even more special. All in all it was a great weekend and I'm so glad my mom got it all together. A funny story, the convention was held in Denver. So on Saturday we were looking for a place to eat. We saw reviews on one place that were awesome, great burgers and such. So we went in and sat down. I had my baby and we also had two of my nieces who are 11 and 12. No one came over for a while until finally the bar tender came over and while looking quite confused said, "we really don't serve food here... and we definitely don't serve anyone under 21 because it's only a 21 and older bar..." oops! Haha so we went to another place which had excellent burgers and we really enjoyed it :) Bridger and I had a great visit with my family and my parents during the week that we were there. We headed back Tuesday morning and gage did much better than expected on the drive home. He's such a stud baby :) and I seriously have the best road trip partner ever, Bridger Blaschke.